Simla Coffee House

Simla Coffee House
Written & Directed by : Rakesh Bedi
Set Design : MS Sathyu
Music : Vikas Rawat
Lights : Akbar / Ronak

SIMLA COFFEE HOUSE is a play that revolves mostly in a small and quaint cafe. But one should not get mislead neither by its quaintness nor by its unassuming waiter Satish Kumar Pandit.
This qaint and quite coffee shop is the haunt of a famous author, Mr.Anup Chander, famous for his series of novels, all titled TERE CHHALL . Sitting and writing here Anup Chander gives words to his narrative twists and turns.... making its protagonist Tarun Mathur the receiver of all sorts of deception and torment of soceity. 

The story begins with Anup Chander sitting at the cafe working on his latest installment of TERE CHHALL, his identity a secret from most people around. Though he shares some light moments with the waiter Satish who keeps serving him coffee at regular intervals along with his one liners.
This is when Rahul Verma enters the scene. One gradually realizes that He is a very big fan of Anup Chander and has read all the novels of the series of TERE CHHALL over and over again. He comes out to be a character of volatile emotions. At one moment he could sweet talking his much revered author and at another he could be errupting in anger on the garrulous waiter Satish.
Rahul verma's reverence for Anup Chander is almost of fanatical proportions. After having introduced himself to Anup Chander, and establishing  a rapport with the bemused writer, he gives him a shock. Because Rahul Verma knows almost every thing about Anup Chander. He knows where Anup Chander lives.  How big is his house, the area of the flat, the color scheme that he wears, his perfume, his watch, his eating drinking and smoking habbits and even his bank details. Anup Chander realizes that this mad cap is nothing short of a stalker.
Though Anup Chander is highly impressed by the appearance of this ardent fan but one question starts tickling him as well as the viewers. "WHAT THE HELL DOES HE WANT".
All this while the waiter Satish keeps intervening which Rahul Verma hates. The verbal tiffs between the two create funny situations. At times Rahul Verma physically assaults Satish and some sort of a duel too ensues, but Satish gives it back with the same vigour and comic overtures.
By now This lunacy of Rahul Verma is way too much for Anup to handle. He is about to dismiss him when Rahul Verma's wife actually appears with a snobbish lawyer. They have traced  Rahul Verma to the cafe to serve him a divorce notice, leaving him a nervous wreck. 
Anup Chander realizes that its time for him to take control of the scenario. After all at some level he feels responsible the mental mess of Rahul verma. The snobbish lawyer of Rahul's wife refuses to even talk and crease out the differences. Finally Anup Chander comes up with a big ace and the snob lawyer has no choice but to surrender.The cafe is turned into a court on room and the proceedings start. The judge is none other than the waiter.
This play has an amazing quotient of intrigue, humour, psychic outbursts, and rip roaring laughter. It keeps the audience on their witty edge.

S.M. Zaheer, Asif Shaikh and Rakesh Bedi, Nivedita 
Baunthiyal, Kishore Bute and  Ridhima Bedi.