Ek Baar Phir

Written by Raman Kumar
Music by Kuldip Singh
Lyrics by Prashant Vasl
Designed by M S Sathyu
Directed by Amrit Pal


‘Women are cheaper than animals in Punjab’ This is the harsh reality of ‘modern’ India and this play highlights the trauma that women still have to go through just to stay alive.

Ek Baar Phir is not just a comment on this burning social issue, but it also portrays the human story of Ganga, a simple village girl who learns about life the hard way. A touching story that is sure to kindle hope and concern for the many young women across India.
Ek Baar Phir – a story that needs to be told again and again…. A story that must be told…Ek Bar Phir (Once again)…A woman is sold…A deal is made…A buffalo is sold and a woman is bought. The buffalo is expensive, the woman cheap. Once again the same old story is repeated. This is yesterday’s and even today’s news. You have heard and read it before. Has this not been going on for centuries? This is an old story but its relevance dosen’t seem to have diminished. When Paala purchases Ganga, he has a clear purpose. Ganga has to bear him a male child since his wife has borne him only two girls. Ganga is unaware of this and has to put up with all injustices in her circumstances. She eventually gives birth to a male child and now that her job is done, she is asked to leave. Ganga refuses. She is attached to her child and is unwilling to let go of him. Will Ganga get justice? Will her motherhood triumph? Or will she lose the battle to patriarchy? These are just some of the questions that the play explores.
Rakesh Bedi, Aasif Sheikh, Avtar Gill, Vinati Makijany, Manju Sharma, Niraj Pandey & others.