Biwi O Biwi

Written and directed by RAKESH BEDI
Music is by KULDIP SINGH


BIWI O BIWI is a play ideally suited for couples as it show cases many colours of today's married life and how in this fast moving times couples take each other for granted. The play revolves around the protagonist POOJA SOORMA whose husband Dr.PAWAN SOORMA is a practicing orthopaedic surgeon, while POOJA is just a housewife. PAWAN is a flamboyant man and is having an affair with POOJA’s childhood friend RITA, while RITA’S husband ASHOK GUNDECHA is multimillionaire but is a man of a very irritable nature and also gets bouts of anger. And in such times it becomes difficult to control him .                                      
POOJA’S younger sister POLLY, a college going kid comes to know of PAWAN’S affair with RITA and wants to blow off the lid but is stopped by their mother, as she says it’s not right to interfere in a married couple’s life. But POLLY is too eager to spill out the beans as she feels her sister is being cheated by her husband and best friend.                                                                                                                    
Enters PAPPU played by RAKESH BEDI who is long lost lover of POOJA. PAPPU wanted to marry POOJA fifteen years ago, but POOJA refused him. PAPPU got depressed and was hospitalized also for some time and then went and settled in JAPAN. He has not got married till today because he sees POOJA in every girl he meets. Speaking in his Japanese accent he tells his hidden desires to one and all.Meanwhile 
ASHOK also finds some proofs which hint towards the affair between his wife and Dr. PAWAN and his anger hits out of the roof. But POOJA takes centre stage and handles the situation.
All hell breaks loose now as POOJA’S lover PAPPU has arrived on the scene. Extremely funny situations arise, which are laced with witty lines, humour POOJA now knows how to take her own sweet revenge from her husband and her best friend.

Basically BIWI O BIWI deals with the subject of male chauvinism and how a modern day house wife refuses to be dealt as door mat doormat as she is well educated and can fend for herself. She is always taken for guaranteed but If need arises she can show her true colors and bring the husband down to his knees in fact literally in this play.
“BIWI O BIWI” deals with sensitive issue of extra marital affairs in a matrimonial relationship with a big dose of humor and wit. More than hundred shows have been performed in INDIA and abroad. It is thoroughly enjoyed by families and couples.

Rakesh Bedi, Sulbha Arya, Awtar Gill, Rashmi Sharma, Rajan Kapoor, Riddhima Bedi, Nivedita Baunthiyal & others.